Best Driver For Novice Golfer

If you are a beginner in playing golf, you might be looking for the best driver for novice golfer. Luckily, this article will be helpful for your search.

A driver should allow beginners to feel confident when using the golf course. It should help beginners hit the golf ball farther, and as straight as possible.

Driver For Novice Golfer Reviews

TaylorMade R15 430 Driver

TaylorMade R15 430 Driver has a lot of features that can help a novice in golf. Its club head has a special design, which increases its sweet spot. This results to a more accurate shot.

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Callaway X Hot Driver

Callaway X Hot Driver is a lightweight forgiving driver. It is designed for the player to easily adjust its face. It can be in an open, close, or square position.

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Callaway Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Big Bertha Driver has a club head design and an adjustable weight that can help improve your game. It is designed to have a lower center of gravity.

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Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver

Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver is a basic golf driver with an efficient performance. It is a huge help in improving your game. It has a trench in the center of its face for improved impact drives.

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Nextt MDX High MOI Driver

Nextt MDX High MOI Driver provides the player with solid and long drives. It is designed for high speed through its enhanced aerodynamics. It is ideal for straighter shots.

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Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver

Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver is ideal for people who prefer a driver with a larger sweet spot. It has a large balance point, which is one of the reasons why this is considered a forgiving driver.

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TaylorMade Men’s R1 Driver

TaylorMade Men’s R1 Driver is a golf driver that you can customize. It has five upright options and seven standard loft options. It has a sharp design, resulting to longer shots.

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XXIO9 Driver

XXIO9 Driver is designed specifically for those who want to try the sport for the first time. It provides an increased speed off of impact. This is ideal if you want to make powerful shots.

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Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver has a multi-material construction that provides the lowest center of gravity and forgiveness. Its lightweight premium shaft increases its speed.

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Intech Men’s Tec+ Driver

Intech Men’s Tec+ Driver is convenient for players who prefer longer shots. It has a coefficient of restitution design. It is good in transferring energy from the club head to the golf ball.

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How to select a Driver for Novice Golfers

The first swing dictates the entire game. Being a novice isn’t an excuse to flunk the first shot. You just need to know what driver fits you well and know how to use it properly.

Driver Length: You will need to develop your own form when swinging. Getting an appropriate driver length will keep your posture in check as you practice your swings.

Loft: The shape of the loft is designed to control the ball’s spinning motion. The spinning motion keeps the ball up in the air longer. Selecting a proper loft will depend on how hard you swing.

Forgiveness Rate: There is no such thing as a perfect swing, and club manufacturers know that as well. It would be best to select a driver with the largest head, for it offers the highest control and forgiveness rate.

Trajectory: Drivers are also designed to produce a consistent trajectory. As you are still learning the ropes, you are still developing your form. You need to get a driver that offers the most versatility.

For a novice, taking notes of the following qualities for your driver can make a huge difference in your swing. And of course, taking advice from fellow golfers won’t lead you astray.

How to use a Driver for Novice Golfers

It’s not always about power. Ironic as it may seem, control plays a bigger part in the driver swing compared to the power of the swing itself.

One mistake beginners tend to make when starting out is getting too tense and abandoning the proper posture. Though it does guarantee more power behind your swings, you might have the ball falling somewhere you don’t want to.

Observing the correct stance is a good start. Finding a swing you’re comfortable with varies from one person to the other. However, the proper positioning of your feet and grip stays true to its course.

Other things you will need to keep in check are your center of gravity and alignment. Your shoulders and feet should be parallel to your target path.

There are a lot of techniques that can be applied during a drive. As a beginner, it’s a must that you stick with the basics first. Proper execution is what the driving game is all about.

The driver will have the largest swinging path. You‘ll want to make sure that your swing doesn’t change to its path midway. Learn how to maintain a consistent swing and follow through.

How to Maintain Drivers for Novice Golfers

Proper handling goes a long way, even longer than your drives. Drivers are used for your strongest swing during the game. This means that they receive the most abuse and impact out of all the clubs in your bag.

Drivers might be the biggest of all the clubs, but they’re not indestructible. Combined with regular hard hits, they might be the first club in your bag that you might need to replace.

Rusting is a common issue for metals and alloys especially if they are exposed to water for too long. Never store your drivers in a wet environment. Make sure that they are dry before being stored.

For this reason, head covers for drivers are available in the market. Aside from the protection it provides from rusting, head covers protect your driver from damage when it’s in the bag and not in use.

You also need to pay attention to your driver’s grips. Keep them clean and well maintained. The traction from the grip plays an important role during your swing. This also minimizes any unwanted injuries for both players and spectators.

Proper maintenance doesn’t only apply to drivers but to all of your clubs as well. Maintaining your equipment’s longevity will always be beneficial for players who have plans to play golf often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here as some of the common questions that may help you choose the right driver. We also have tips and trivia that can help you step up your game.

When can I use a driver? It is customary to use a driver for hitting balls at least 175 yards away from the green. Of course, it would still depend on the player’s swinging strength.

Is a driver different from the club they call “Wood”? In golf, the term driver and wood describe the same type of club. Originally, driver heads are made from wood such as persimmon.

Are Wooden Drivers still available in the market? Most drivers out in the market today are made of metal alloy. Though there are some stores that still sell wooden drivers, they are rarely used for playing.

How does each driver differ from one another? The metal or alloy used for making the driver heads provides differing weight and durability level. The benefits of these features depend on the player’s playing style.

What is the quickest way to learn how to use a driver properly? There is simply no shortcut for learning golf. You’ll have to get out there and practice. Know the feel of the driver and the proper swing.

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