Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

If you are new in playing golf, your handicap may be high, just like all beginners. Luckily, you can have the best golf balls for high handicappers.

The perfect golf balls should reduce side spin and provide maximum distance. They should be high quality and effective companions in golf practice to lower your handicap.

Golf Balls For High Handicappers Reviews

Callaway Warbird

Callaway Warbird has a larger and softer core, which makes it work faster than the other kinds of golf balls. This is ideal for people who are looking for a maximum flight.

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Wilson Smart Core

Wilson Smart Core has a Smart Core formula that reacts to the swing of the person using it. This golf ball has a more improved spin and control.

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Titleist DT Solo

Titleist DT Solo has a large Surlyn-blend core and a soft compression. This golf ball is ideal for people who have a swing speed of below 90 mph.

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Bridgestone e7 Piercing Flight

Bridgestone e7 Piercing Flight is a more improved version of e5 and e6. It has a 326 Dual Dimple pattern design. It is convenient for longer distances.

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Wilson Ultra 500

Wilson Ultra 500 is a two-piece golf ball. It has spin reducing technologies that are convenient for making the balls fly straighter. Its titanium core is ideal for driving range.

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Nike RZN Speed

Nike RZN Speed has a softer feel than the models released before it. Its core and mantle are designed to optimize the impact and transfer of energy. This is ideal for golfers with moderate club head speeds.

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Pinnacle Rush

Pinnacle Rush is a cost-efficient type that is ideal for great distance. It has a soft feel and is longer compared to the previous models because of its low compression core.

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Titleist NXT Tour

Titleist NXT Tour is an affordable golf ball ideal for shorter games. It has a soft inner core that is larger compared to the models released before it.

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Volvik Vibe

Volvik Vibe is a three-piece type with a urethane cover that allows more control. It has a soft feel and is ideal for golfers who prefer short games.

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Wilson Staff Duo Urethane

Wilson Staff Duo Urethane is a three-piece ball with a compression core that results to a soft feeling when doing a shot. It is ideal for players who want to have a lot of spin in their shot.

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Types of Golf Balls

Golf is a game where the equipment you use must match your game level. Playing with the right type of balls can go a long waytowards improving your game.

Distance golf balls: These are the idealgolf balls if you are just abeginner or a player within the medium to high handicap level. This typeprovides more distance withvery little spin.

Spin or control golf balls: Ideal for players within the mid-handicap proficiency level. These golf balls provide distance off the tee while providingmore spin and control on the green.

Premium or tour balls: These are the type of golf balls that professionals and low handicappers use.The high rate of spin these balls provide allows forbetter ball control andquicker stops on the green.

Premium balls obviously cost more than basic distance balls and require more skills to control. It makes no sense for high handicappers to spend so much on premium balls that can do very little to lower their handicap.

The key is to become more consistenton hitting the ball and improvingthe speed of your swing.Asyour handicap goes down, that’s the time youupgradeyourgolf balls.

How To Select Your Golf Balls

Your golf balls should fit your game. If you have a high handicap, using a ball with a high spin rate may actually hurt your score rather than improve it.

With at least a dozen major manufacturers and several other smaller specialty outfits that offer customized tweaks, choosing the best ball isnot as simple as choosing what the pros are using.

The price tag doesnot tell you which golf ball is the best for your games.What works for one golfer may not necessarily work for you.

To select the ball thatfits you best, several factors need to be considered. These factors include gender, age, your average driver distance, your shot trajectory, and the shape of your shot.

There are several ways you can fit a ball for your games. There are launch monitors that track and analyze your practice sessions. There are websitesthat offer suggestions after comparing your assessment against their database.

At the end of the day, it is still best to try differentballs through several games and see whichshot is more important and choose the ball thatworks best with you on that shot.

How To Take Care of Your Golf Balls

An amazing amount of technological innovation and engineering went into the design of your golf balls so you can get more flight and spin from them.

Imagine your frustration to see how a little amount of dirt can defeat all these technological innovations and cause your ball to slice out of bounds into the brush.

Taking good care of your golf balls can go a long way on improving your score. Make sure the ball you use is free of dirt and that the outer skin is not scuffed.

Loosen dirt fromyour golf balls by soaking them for about 6 minutes in water mixed with either bleach or dishwashing liquid. Wipe each ball clean with a soft cloth.

Do not over soak as this could damage the outer skin. Golf balls can be stored safely at room temperature. Avoid extreme temperatures.Discard heavily scuffed or worn out balls.

With proper care and storage, your golf balls should last about 5 years. Take good care of your golf balls and they will take care of your game.

How Are Golf Balls Made?

Today’s golf balls are an amazing marriage of materials, engineering, aerodynamics, and manufacturing innovation – a far cry from the stuffed feather pouch used 600 years ago.

Depending on the different skill levels and swing speeds, today’s golf balls are made in 2-piece, 3-piece, and even 5-piece construction consisting of different materials.

Each golf ball starts with a molded rubber core 1.5 inches in diameter. The rubber core is centered within another mold forming the dimpled outer skin and filled with molten thermoplastic.

After cooling, the balls are removed from the molds and rough spots and excess materialsare trimmed off mechanically.Paint and logos are appliedbefore the final clear coat is sprayed on.

A series of quality control checks are performed to verify each golf ball conforms to USGA Standards.After making sure each ball is up to par, they are then sent to packaging and distribution.

Continuous developments are still being done to make your golf balls perform better on the course–more distance, faster spins, and quicker stops. They are innovations that will help to improve your game.

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