Best Golf Irons For Slow Swing Speed

Have you been searching for the best golf irons for slow swing speed? If yes, you may want to take a look at the following list, and maybe you can make up your mind which one to buy.

A good golf iron should match the shaft flex of a player, which is the required force to transfer energy to the ball. A graphite shaft can maximize the travel distance of the ball.

Golf Irons For Slow Swing Speed Reviews

Callaway Apex CF 16

Callaway Apex CF 16 has a 360-degree cup face, which increases ball speeds. It helps the player bend the ball according to his preference. It covers longer distances.

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Cobra King F6

Cobra King F6 has four different head styles. It has a high launching set and is both stable and effective on the rough. It also responds to basic commands.

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Ben Hogan PTx

Ben Hogan PTx is available every loft between 20 to 47 degrees. This lets the player control the ball throughout the set. It is also ideal for any kind of terrain.

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Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged

Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged has a bevelled sole that cuts a clean divot. It is simple to hit and the sole lessens the error of the player.

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Nike Vapor Fly Pro

Nike Vapor Fly Pro has a deep pocket cavity mid-irons and traditional cavity-back short irons. It helps the golfer improve his control on the ball. It is also easier to use.

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Nike Vapor Fly

Nike Vapor Fly is a simple iron that is easier to use. This is ideal for players who want to take things slow. The high launch helps players with lighter swings and lower hits.

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TaylorMade M2

TaylorMade M2 is lighter compared to some models in the market. However, it boosts launch and forgiveness because of its undercut cavity and fluted hosel.

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Titleist 716 AP1

Titleist 716 AP1 has a lower center of gravity. It results to effortlessly higher and straighter shots. Its smooth operator deals with awkward situations.

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Wilson Staff C200

Wilson Staff C200 has power holes that lessen the contact between the face and chassis. This results to a more flex impact. It has a large sweet spot.

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Callaway Apex Pro

Callaway Apex Pro follows commands that its user prefers. It can cover a long distance. It is also accurate and lively to use. Its impact is soft.

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Types/Characteristics of Iron for Slow Swing Speed Golfers

There are various types of irons that a golfer can choose from. Most irons are designed based on the swinging speed of the player. For slow swinging speed golfers, the following product types are the best options for successful shots.

Shaft Flex Iron: To achieve the player’s targeted distance, choosing the ideal shaft flex is very crucial.A lower kick-point is helpful for players who want to get the ball up in the air with slower clubhead speed.

Shaft Weight Iron: Irons withlightweight shaft is effective in increasing clubhead speed and gaining distance. For slow swing players who want to increase their clubhead speed, a graphite shaft of less than 75 is highly-recommended.

Loft Iron: Adjusting the lofts in golf irons is unnecessary since they are designed to remain constant. However, slower-swinging golfers will benefit from choosing a higher-lofted iron of about 12-15 degrees.

Clubhead Type Iron: A set of clubs with low gravitational center is helpful in achieving the target distance. Irons that are made of titanium are lighter than steel so it isrecommended for slower-swinging golfers.

Choosing the ideal iron product can be overwhelming but it is best for players to experiment and choose one that is well-suited for their swing speed, height, and launch angle to achieve the best results.

How to Select the Ideal Iron for Slow Swing Speed Golfers

Choosing golf clubs that are not suited to their swing speed is a common mistake of amateur golfers. The outcome of every game is highly influenced by using the ideal iron that is fitted for every player’s swinging ability.

First step is to confirm the average swing speed. Fast swing speed ranges from 90 to 100 mph and above while slow swinging golfers have the average speed of 80 mph and below.

Second step is to find out the shaft flex of irons based on the player’s recorded swing speed. Choosing the wrong shaft flex can lead to erroneous shots. Slow swinging golfers can use either the stiff or regular flex.

Third step is choosing the appropriate material for the shaft irons. Fast swing players usually use steel but for players with a slow swing speed, graphite is ideal in maximizing the distance in which the ball travels.

Final step is to test the irons before the actual purchase. It will also be helpful to seek advice from experts and inquire about getting clubs fitted to the players’ specifications.

Choosing the ideal iron product can be overwhelming. However, it is best for players to experiment and choose one that is well-suited for their swing speed to achieve the best results.

How to Hit Golf Irons Correctly

Hitting irons determine whether a game is good or not. Seasoned golfers became veterans in the field because they have mastered the essentials of iron hitting. Knowing the proper strategy for hitting irons is the major key for successful aims.

It is important to practice to achieve a comfortable swinging technique. Hitting golf balls randomly for practice allows the player to test out which grip is comfortable to use and to observe how the ball reacts to the swing.

Perfect gripping of iron shots can be done by following simple steps. The key is to grip with both hands and allow the arm to form a V-shape to the shoulders. Gripping should not be too tight or too loose.

Body posture should also be considered. A golfer’s posture should be consistent for every iron hit. The ideal body posture is a straightened back with a mini tilt to the shoulders. The player can reach the ball comfortably.

Successful swings can also be attributed to the proper space allotted between the body and the arms. There should be at least a hand’s width gap between the arms and body when hitting the iron.

Hitting an iron correctly has been a struggle for most golfers no matter how skilled they are. These fundamentals are helpful in taking a player’s iron game to new heights.

How to Maintain Golf Iron

Golf irons can be quite expensive so utmost care is necessary to keep them in excellent shape. Good storage and maintenance should be observed to make use of the golf irons for an ample amount of time.

One key is to have an indoor storage and avoid putting the irons in hot locations, especially in the car trunk. High temperature weakens the adhesives that hold the grip and clubhead in place.

Rusty irons can be avoided by wiping them with wet towel. There is the so-called “Golf Towel” that can be purchased in golf shops which is designed from fibers that can thoroughly clean the iron.

Golf irons are delicate so it is recommended to provide headcovers to prevent them from getting damaged. Some irons are sold with headcovers but stylish choices are also available.

An important part of golf irons are its grips so removing the accumulated dirt will help them last longer. It is advisable to be wary of cracks. Same thing should also be done with the shafts.

Cleaning services are available at golf retail stores but an at-home cleaning isn’t also a bad idea. If proper care is given, a set of quality golf irons can be a great investment.

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