Best Putter For Bad Putters

Are you getting tired of having low scores in playing golf? Do you consider yourself to be a “Bad Putter”. Maybe it is time to change your putter and see if it improves your game. A putter is likely the most used club in you golf bag.

An ideal putter for someone who is not the best putter should weigh according to the type of stroke and fit perfectly in your hands. It should also be well-balanced every time you play.

After spending over 20 hours in research and reading reviews, these are some of our picks for the best putter for bad putters. Click to see prices, pics and availability on amazon.

Putter For Bad Putters Reviews

TaylorMade Spider

TaylorMade Spider has an all-black body and shaft. You can remove its sight line for clean alignment. It delivers more topspin and better forward roll.

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Product Highlights 

  • Played by World #1, Jason Day, the Spider Tour Red delivers Tour-proven performance to every golfer. With perimeter weighting for added stability and a removed sightline to zero in the player’s focus, Spider Tour Red provides a stroke of confidence to help golfers drain more putts when they matter most.
  • Pure Roll Insert.
  • Played by Jason Day and Dustin Johnson
  • Pure Roll insert combines 45° grooves with a softer polymer to increase topspin and improve forward roll across varying surfaces – helping your ball start and stay on its intended line.
  • Headcover is included. Winn Medalist Pistol Grip

Odyssey O-Works ‘17

Odyssey O-Works ’17 has a Microhinge insert technology that will help the player’s ball stay on the line. Its Elastomer Insert helps increase the topspin of the ball.

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Product Highlights 


TaylorMade TP Collection

TaylorMade TP Collection is made of soft polymer. It has a soft feel and smoother forward roll. It comes with a stock Lamkin Sink Rubber grip.

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Cameron and Crown

Cameron and Crown is ideal for players who are into shorter putters. Its weight is designed to offer a more comfortable feel. This was redesigned by Scotty Cameron.

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Evnroll ER Series

Evnroll ER Series is engineered with unique milled faces for increased accuracy and dispersion during the game. Its performance across the hitting area is also improved.

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Bettinardi Studio Stock Series

Bettinardi Studio Stock Series has a Feel Impact Technology Face Milling engineered into it. The material is removed to achieve a softer feel at impact.

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Cleaveland Huntingdon Beach

Cleaveland Huntingdon Beach is an affordable putter that gives the players a softer feel. It has three designs with a Precision Milled Face incorporated to it.

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Scotty Cameron Newport

Scotty Cameron Newport is a heel-shafted mid-mallet with advanced multi-material construction. It has a lighter aircraft grade aluminium inlay for it to better distribute weight.

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Odyssey White Hot RX

Odyssey White Hot RX is an injected-moulded insert. It has a softer core to enhance ball speed, sound, and feel. This core is made of elastomer.

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Scotty Cameron Futura

Scotty Cameron Futura has a wrap-around face sole construction to increase the resistance of the putter when twisted. A vibration dampening system connects this to the frame.

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Types of Putters (Suitable for Bad Putters)

There are no bad putters, actually – just putters who haven’t found their skillsor those who didn’t practice enough. Never fear, the putters that’ll save you are here.

There are two major groups of putters: one is the face-balanced putters, and the other one is the toe-balanced putters. The group your putter belongs to will be determined by balancing the shaft onto your finger.

Face-balanced putters – After balancing the shaft, a face-balanced putter will have a face that faces up.Its center of gravity is below the shaft’s axis. It’s recommended for players with straight putting strokes.

Toe-balanced putters – These putters have toes that point down to the ground after balancing the shaft.Its center of gravity is not below the shaft axis. It’s recommended for players with arcs in putting strokes.

As a golfer, you don’t have to strictly fall in one category. You can be a bit of both, or somewhere in between. Identify your stroke types and use the right putter for your game.

Not sure of what your stroke type is? Don’t worry.A golf professional can help you out. You can also check out training aids and applications to help you determine this as well.

How to Determine the Stroke Type for Your Putter

Your natural stroke type will greatly help in identifying what your putter should be. Choosing the wrong putter may make you a “bad” player in any game.

There are players who make a straight-through path when they swing. On the other hand, there are players who like it better to create an arc in their putting strokes.

Here’s how to determine yours: place two horizontal strips of masking tape on the ground that are parallel to one another. Your putter must be set on top and in between the tapes. Hit putts, and see whether the putter stays in between the straight lines or it veers away and creates an arc.

If it’s well in between, then you have the square-to-square or the pure in-line putting stroke. If you went beyond the lines, then you have an arc putting stroke.

It’ll also help to determine your actual putting stroke if you understand your putter fit, putter type and set-up posture.Studies show that there’s a natural arc in every player, so this’ll also affect the kind of stroke you have.

The speed of the greens may also affect the kind of putter head you’re using. Slow greens will work better with heavier putters, while fast greens will work better with lighter putter heads.

How to Select a Putter

Again, choose a putter that suits your stroke type. Once you’ve determined what your stroke type is, then you can find out whether you need to use a face-balanced or toe-balanced putter.

It’ll also help to choose a putter of your desired length. Most putters come in standard lengths i.e. 33-34” for women and 35” for men, but you can have them altered if it’ll make the putter easier to use.

Along with the length, you can also consider the putter’s weight too. There are no specifics with the actual weight, but as mentioned above, the greens – whether fast or slow – may also affect the quality of your game.

The lie angle of the putter will help as well. Choose one that lies correctly. If you’re tall, then it should be upright. If you’re short, your putter’s lie angle can be flat.

The putter you’re having should also help you boost your confidence. If you’re not happy with your putter, then most likely it’ll lead to a bad game. Go for one that makes you confident in a game.

Don’t forget to try out putters before making a purchase. Golf shops have installed improvised greens in their stores, but aim to try the putters out on actual greens. 

Care for Your Putter

It is easy to care for your putter.You donot need a lot of things to maintain it and keep it in its good condition.

After using it in your games, don’t forget to wipe the putter every time because it may have picked up dewdrops or moist grass. You can use a microfiber cloth to keep it clean.

You can also use an oil cloth to rub over the putter’s head and shaft.Don’t oil the grip. Once you’re done, wrap the oil cloth around the putter head.Cover the putter head afterwards with a head cover.

Keep the putter stored in a dry place, preferably in a room with moderate temperature. Don’t store it inside garages and basements, and don’t keep it outside.

You’ve invested good money for your putter, so it’s just normal to take good care of it. In return, it’ll help you improve your game and be a better golfer.

Caring for your putter will make it last for years. Allot time for it.The benefits you’ll get will be worth the energy in the long run.

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