Best Putter For Beginners

What characteristics are in the best putter for beginners? This article will surely help you narrow down your search of the perfect putter for your game.

A putter should be strong enough and should give you stability while you play. It should be lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Putter For Beginners Reviews

Pinemeadow PGX

Pinemeadow PGX has a metal face and a white finish. Its length is 34 inches and it weighs 380 grams with an additional 40 grams.

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Two-Way Putter- Left and Right Hand

Two-Way Putter- Left and Right Hand is ideal for players who want to have quite an amount of forgiveness with their putter. It has a weighted technology.

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Wilson Harmonized Square Heel

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel combines stability and feel when used. The diameter of its vertical seam grip is larger compared to some models for the golfer to have a firmer grasp.

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Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 2


Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 2 has a more improved insert than its previous model. This results to a more consistent sound and feel. It has a modified Hi-Def alignment.

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Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 1

Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 1 has a white and hot pro insert that can let the player adjust its weighting options. Its insert may be soft but it is tough.

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TaylorMade Ghost Manta

TaylorMade Ghost Manta gives more accuracy and a smoother stroke. Its markers make it easier for the player to square the ball to the face of the putter.

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Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel

Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel has a special design and technology that makes the game easier for the player. It has a Dual Axis Alignment system that enables the golfer to line up his putts conveniently.

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TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs

TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs helps the player hit the ball to his preferred direction. It has a heavy head and this can result to a smoother stroke.

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Nike Method Core Drone

Nike Method Core Drone may have a strange design but it is efficient. It is ideal for players who want a faster and more controlled roll.

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Ping Scottdale TR Grayhawk

Ping Scottdale TR Grayhawk has a variable depth groove technology that makes any changes in the groove to be dependent on the position of the club face.

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Types of Putters

The two main categories of putters for beginner golfers are mallet and blade putters. You can easily differentiate them because blade putters are significantly smaller than the mallet type.

Mallet putters: These are the easiest type of putters, especially designed for beginners. With this, you can easily put the ball without hitting it with the putter’s sweet spot. Its efficient construction brings more weight into the toe end of the putter.

Blade putters: most versatile type of putters. Professionals use it, and it is recommended for beginners who want to learn stroking techniques for hitting the sweet spot effectively.

Toe-weighted and heel-weighted putter:  Between blade and mallet putters, there are two sub-classifications depending on weight orientation of the putter head with respect to the shaft.

Many beginner golfers find it hard to hit the ball on the sweet spot because of the orientation of their body to the weight of the putter.

Beginner golfers who find it uncomfortable to swing a toe-weighted putter should opt for a heel-weighted blade putter. This will enable them to hit the ball with relative ease and reduce the chances of mishits.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Putter

Before visiting the golf equipment store, one must acquaint himself with the different things that make a great putter. This will have a significant effect on his game.

Weight: This is a crucial factor in a beginner golfer’s swing and his ability to putt the ball. The weight orientation will affect the golfer’s control over the direction and force of his swing.

Length: Length is an equally crucial factor. Depending on the golfer’s height, the length can affect the form of the golfer during his swing.

Face: The face of the putter is the basis of its name. Blade putters have a distinguishable edge to its face compared to a flat face of mallet putters.

Loft: The loft describes the angle of elevation of the putter head compared to the shaft. This affects the height of the ball’s flight as well as its spin.

Grip diameter: Grip diameter is also a notable factor because it affects how well the golfer grasps the putter. You can customize this to the golfer’s comfort at the golf equipment store.

Importance of Putters

Although putters are part of the essentials in a golfer’s set, beginner golfers are yet to find the difference between a putter and an ordinary iron.

Normally, golfers change equipment depending on their range from the hole but several situations might compel them to prefer one over the other. However, putters are there for a single purpose.

Beginner golfers must have putter because it is specially constructed for pushing the ball in short distances. Every part of its construction is made for control rather than force.

Thus, having a putter will significantly affect one’s chances of scoring a goal. However, one can try to putt using an ordinary iron to see the difference.

Owning a putter is also good for the golfer to learn the value of the sweet spot. The most crucial part of the match boils down to utilizing that sweet spot in the putter.

The bottom line is that a putter is an essential part of the golfer’s set. It is used to execute the finishing swing towards scoring a goal.

Tips in Buying Putters

Choosing a putter is a more meticulous process than choosing woods and irons. However, this is to be expected for a golf club used for the most crucial moment of the game.

Choose a putter that is most comfortable and is complementary to one’s stroke. Even the best putters in the world will be rendered inefficient if these don’t work well with one’s stroke.

Opt for a putter with a large sweet spot over using more specialized ones. This will enable the golfer to practice his stroke more effectively.

Do not finalize judgment on the best putter based on other’s opinion—even the experts. As a rule of thumb in choosing golf equipment, always prioritize what feels right because it directly affects one’s ability to swing with ease and effectiveness.

Find the right putter length and weight that is proportionate to the golfer’s own height and weight. The worst possible scenario is buying the best putter according to expert advice and ending up with a putter that is either too heavy or too long.

Afterwards, find the proper putter lie angle that suits the golfer’s height. Generally, taller golfers need a higher lie angle to accommodate the shot. Although some putter can be adjusted by the golfer, leaving it to a professional is the best option.

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