Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

With recent technological advancements in footwear design, it is now possible for golfers to wear comfortable spikeless shoes that give them the stability they need on the green. So what exactly are key features of the best spikeless golf shoes?

Excellent spikeless shoes provide great footing on the field while providing comfort to the wearer. Golfers can also wear these shoes outside the green, because of their light material and cleatless bottoms.

Spikeless Golf Shoes Reviews

Adidas Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe is made with water-resistant leather outsole for long-lasting durability. The lightweight cloud-foam sock liner provides comfort and ultra-cushioning. The shoe has 72 traction lugs for optimal grip and on- and off-course versatility.

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New Balance NBG574B Spikeless Golf Shoe

The NBG574B Spikeless Golf Shoe by New Balance is lightweight and durable. It features a breathable mesh for maximum responsiveness and rev-lite midsole for comfort and cushioning. Its rubber outsole provides reliable traction on and off the course.

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Skechers Men’s Go Golf Tour Elite Shoe

The Go Golf Tour Elite Shoe by Skechers is a comfortable, water-resistant performance golf shoe. It features a padded tongue, lace-up front, and spikeless rubber sole for ideal grip. It is made from both synthetic and leather material.

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ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Men’s Golf Shoe

The Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe by ECCO features Hydromax technology for maximum resistance to sweat and weather. The hybrid technology offers 800 traction levels for exceptional grip. The upper material is crafted from Yak leather to improve breathability and durability.

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Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Golf Shoe

The Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Golf Shoe is made from both suede and leather material. It has lightweight, durable, and water-proof woven textile for enhanced breathability and protection. The dual-density foot bed provides comfort and the abrasion-resistant rubber sole offers maximum spikeless traction.

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PUMA Men’s Biodrive Golf Shoe

The Biodrive Golf Shoe by PUMA has a lace-up front, synthetic sole, and lightweight EVA midsole for comfort. The traction outsole has octagon pods that provide better grip and balance. The shoe features waterproof mesh upper for added support and flexibility.

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Nike Men’s Lunar Mont Royal Golf Shoe

The Nike Men’s Lunar Mont Royal High-Performance Golf Shoe is ergonomically designed for ideal flexibility and natural motion. It is made from mesh and synthetic leather, and promises to deliver better balance and weight transfer. The integrated lug patterns enhance traction, comfort and lateral support.

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Oakley Men’s Sector Golf Shoe

The Oakley Men’s Sector Golf Shoe features a rubber integrated micro-spike outsole for optimal traction. The upper is crafted from microfiber-based synthetic material and textile to aid in comfort. The midsole uses Red Code technology to reduce dynamic shock and improve stability on the course.

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FootJoy GreenJoys Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoe

The GreenJoys Spikeless Golf Shoe by FootJoy has a synthetic upper that provides a soft, water-resistant appearance. The EVA midsole offers lightweight, comfortable cushioning through its 18 holes. The rubber outsole ensures maximum grip, durability, and performance.

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Callaway Men’s Del Mar Ballistic Golf Shoe

The Del Mar Ballistic Golf Shoe by Callaway has molded, lightweight inserts for comfort and antimicrobial protection. The mesh upper is inspired by California casual lifestyle and designed to provide a light, cool feeling during hot weather. The latitudinal and longitudinal flex grooves help you to maintain traction, stability, and alignment on the course.

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How To Select The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

Choosing the best spikeless golf shoes can be initially daunting especially if you’re not a golf enthusiast. Generally, designs are now more comfortable and lighter. Benefits like versatility, style and stability can also be expected.

Spikes or Spikeless – You may not have to make this choice a few years back, as most brands sold spiked shoes. Nowadays, every major brand carries spikeless golf shoe lines. Picking it means gaining versatility and comfort.

Choose spikeless shoes if you plan to use them in the office and head off to play golf immediately afterwards. They are also ideal during summer as they don’t damage dry grass. However, use them only on the golf course.

Weight – If you are after comfort, then look for lightweight ones. Major brands now offer astonishingly lightweight models. However, a heavier pair is ideal if you’re looking for stability and stronger performance even when raining.

Stability – Many spikeless and spiked shoes offer stability. There are designs that stick to the convention of supporting the foot while holding it in place. Other models let your feet move when you’re walking and swinging.

The best spikeless shoe designs depend on your swing, body type, and preferences. Those who swing faster, for example, or larger golfers can benefit from spikeless shoes that offer more stability and support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spikeless Golf Shoes

What’s the difference between spiked and spikeless shoes? Spiked shoes have actual outsole cleats made of soft plastic or metal. Spikeless shoes have flat outsoles with dimples or rubber studs instead of spikes.

Do spikes offer better traction? Today’s spikeless golf shoes are more advanced and they offer acceptable traction. However, spiked shoes may generally give more lateral stability than their spikeless counterparts.

Which golf shoes are more comfortable? Spikeless golf shoes are usually more comfortable. However, advances in technology have made contemporary spiked shoes almost as comfortable as spikeless shoes.

What’s the best choice for beginners? Spiked shoes may be more acceptable for beginners, even if there are also spikeless models for them. A vital golf swing aspect is a firm foundation, which spiked golf shoes provide.

What golf shoe style do most pros wear? Many professional golfers continue to wear shoes with spiked soles, especially metal spiked-sole shoes. Many of them, however, are starting to wear spikeless shoes.

Can spikeless shoes be worn on any golf course? If you’re swinging at an upscale golf course, you may think that spikeless shoes may be too casual. It may depend on the golf course’s dress code.

How to Maintain your Spikeless Golf Shoes

Taking care of your spikeless golf shoes is ideal if you want your pair to last. Do this frequently, especially if you’re a professional player. Maintaining shoes are important aspects of a golf career or hobby.

Some essential items include cleaning tool, microfiber towel, rag, shoe brush and leather polish. Using the golf cleaning tool’s brush, scrub the shoes’ outsoles to remove grass and dirt. Use water to clean outsoles if dirt is difficult to eliminate.

Using a rag and soapy, warm water, wash your shoes after completing each round. This will remove grass, dirt and maybe pesticides. Use a microfiber towel to dry the shoes thoroughly.

Polish the shoes occasionally for shine restoration. The polish should have the same color as the shoes. Follow the polish’s instructions, rub it into the leather portion. Buff it afterwards with a clean rag or brush.

If your spikeless golf shoes are thoroughly wet from having several rounds in the rain, stuff them with newspaper or rags. Leave them overnight for them to absorb the moisture fully.

If you’re not using your spikeless shoes, place wooden or plastic shoe trees inside them. These can help the footwear maintain its good form.

Advantages of Having Spikeless Golf Shoes

There are various golf shoe options for the average golfer, and both spiked and spikeless golf shoes offer their own advantages. Let’s take a look at why spikeless shoes are increasingly becoming popular.

More support and comfort – Spikeless shoes offer more support and comfort than cleated footwear, even while walking off the course. Spikeless shoes grip the ground with the soles’ entire length, instead of just at the toe and heel.

You can wear it anywhere – They are stylish enough and closely resemble the look of sneakers. They are also practical and versatile wardrobe additions.

Lightweight – If you also plan to use the shoes for walking, aside from playing golf, then the spikeless type is ideal because of its lightness. If you live a modern lifestyle, you can use it off the golf course.

Still offers considerable traction – Based on research, balance during a swing is due to the pressure points on the feet’s soles. Spikeless heels have sole nubs to ensure you don’t slip while swinging.

Helps deliver a good gaming performance – Even if cleated shoes are beneficial as they have a firm grip on the ground, spikeless shoes don’t disappoint as they also allow you to deliver an excellent game.

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