Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

There are few things worse than playing golf in wet, soggy shoes. This is why it’s important to invest on a good pair of waterproof shoes. What are the features of the best waterproof golf shoes in the market today?

Waterproof golf shoes should keep the wearer’s feet dry and comfortable even during rainy days in the golf field. They must also provide good traction to make sure the wearer won’t slip during a game.

Waterproof Golf Shoes Reviews

Adidas Men’s Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

The Adidas Sport II Golf Shoe has an anatomical shape and spikeless outsole to promote natural fit for extra comfort and stability. The climaproof mesh uppers provide waterproof protection on and off the course. The wide, web-shaped forefoot improves balance by allowing natural motion, flex, and grip.

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Adidas Puremotion Golf Shoe

The Adidas Puremotion Golf Shoe has versatile spikeless outsoles for natural fit, comfort, and stability. It has a more generous forefoot to allow natural movement, flexibility, and traction. It features climaproof technology for maximum waterproof performance.

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Ashworth Cardiff ADC Golf Shoe

The Cardiff ADC Golf Shoe is made of soft leather for comfort and flexibility. The EVA midsole has full-length cushioning for additional comfort and the spikeless outsole improves traction on the course. The shoe comes with 2 sets of laces and a 2-year waterproof warranty.

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Skechers Performance Go Golf Pro Shoe

The Skechers Performance Go Golf Pro Shoe features Seamless Waterproof Seal that keeps moisture and humidity out. It has padded tongue and collar for comfort and cushioning, and Resalyte midsole for added support. The shoe is built with replaceable outsole spikes and comes with a 1-year waterproof warranty.

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ECCO Street EVO One Golf Shoe

The Street EVO One Golf Shoe by ECCO offers durability, comfort, and waterproof protection. It is built with 800 traction angles that help maximize grip on the course. It has plush collar and tongue for enhanced comfort and support.

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PUMA Biodrive Golf Shoe

The Biodrive Golf Shoe by PUMA promises to deliver balance, flexibility, and support. It has a lace-up front with waterproof mesh upper. The midsole is lightweight and the outsole has octagon pods for optimal grip and flexibility.

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Nike Air Rival III Golf Shoe

The Air Rival III Golf Shoe by Nike is made from synthetic and leather materials. The lace-up front has padded collar and tongue to aid in comfort and support. The encapsulated air-sole heel provides lightweight yet reliable impact protection, and the outsole spikes optimize traction on the course.

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Oregon Mudder’s CM300 Golf Oxford

The Oregon Mudder’s CM300 Golf Oxford is lightweight and flexible. It is designed for extreme comfort and stability, and comes with detachable insole cushions. The microfiber upper and membrane bootie are waterproof, making the shoe suitable for all seasons.

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FootJoy Hydrolite Golf Shoe

The Hydrolite Golf Shoe by FootJoy is made from leather material and has generous cushioning for extreme comfort. The soft full-grain leather upper enhances support and waterproof performance. The shoe is built with Pulsar cleats and DuraMax rubber sole for ideal traction and stability.

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Nike Free-Inspired Impact 2 Golf Shoe

The Nike Free-Inspired Impact 2 Golf Shoe is lightweight and comfortable, yet durable and high-performing. It is made with waterproof material, thus suitable for use in all weather conditions. It provides natural fit and good traction on the course.

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How To Select The Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

With the various golf shoe design options nowadays, choosing the best one can be challenging especially if you are still a beginner in the sport. Some considerations when buying waterproof golf shoes include:

Waterproof Warranty – ‘Water-resistant’ golf shoes come with no warranty. Conversely, there’s a two-year guarantee for waterproof shoes. If you usually play in the morning, go those with the 2-year warranty.

Style – Choose between spikeless and traditional shoes. Traditional shoes last long and help you withstand a rigorous game. While more flexible and lightweight, spikeless shoes (that can look like athletic trainers) offer a degree of water resistance.

Fit – Choose the correct-sized shoe. Shoes that are too large can affect your game, and they can also damage the grass. It can be tricky to buy shoes online, thus, know your shoe size before buying a waterproof pair.

If you’re buying at a golf supply store, make sure to wear socks before trying out a pair. Once you’re wearing them, walk around for 5-10 minutes and do some practice swings to see if they’re supportive and comfortable.

Material – You can choose between leather and synthetic shoes. Leather shoes are more comfortable, and more waterproof than synthetic ones. The waterproof capability is the same across various leather grades.

Types Of Waterproof Golf Shoes

How waterproof the golf shoes are depends on the shoe type and the materials they are made of. Contemporary golf shoes are crafted using cutting-edge technology.

Most modern shoes are now waterproof and you can use them during wet weather. Plus, the best pair of waterproof golf shoes can last you for several years. Below are some types of shoes that can be classified as waterproof.

Traditional Shoes – They offer a host of features from water-resistance, traction, breathability and comfort. They can feel or look like any other athletic wear, and the design can appeal to all kinds of players.

Golf Boots – They are popular during colder months. They are still comfortable even if they look like wellingtons or hiking boots. They also offer excellent traction and exceptional waterproofing.

Leather Shoes – Processed and then integrated to the exterior part of the shoe, leather creates a tight-fitting, stretch-free and waterproof experience. Leather shoes are more ideal during summer as they are highly breathable.

Shoes with Waterproof Lining – Contemporary golf shoes, due to the weather’s unpredictability, offer water and weather protection. GoreTex is a top waterproofing material for golf shoes.

Advantages Of Having Waterproof Golf Shoes

Waterproofing matters when it comes to golf shoes as you may be subjected to wet ground conditions. If you are playing in the spring or winter, the ground tends to be wet.

Wearing golf shoes that don’t offer much in the waterproofing department can seriously hurt your game. Also, remember that summer can also bring in rains. It’s better to be prepared.

Increased Confidence – Waterproof shoes enable you to walk on wet and muddy terrain. If your ball falls near the pond, your game can suffer if you feel water penetrating your socks. These shoes let you focus on your game.

Comfort – If you play 18 holes, your waterproof golf shoes can offer you comfort as you move throughout the court at long distances. Waterproof shoes normally have padded inside soles to let you relax as you play.

Consistent Game – When wearing the shoes, expect a more consistent game and performance even in wet weather. As you are assured that your shoes keep you dry, you can concentrate better on your game.

Enjoyable Game – If you wear waterproof shoes, you can forget moisture that is gathering outside your shoes. As your feet are dry inside, you can still keep that good mood and you can enjoy the game.

How To Maintain Your Waterproof Golf Shoes

If you have waterproof golf shoes, or your shoes are sprayed on with a coat to make them waterproof, you should maintain them. They can last you for several years.

If you play mostly in dry conditions, your shoes won’t gather moisture. On wet golf courses, your waterproof shoes do need some extra care. Some of the items you need are rag, stiff-bristled brush, towel, newspaper, and shoe cleaner.

Use a towel to wipe down the shoes’ entire surface. Do this after playing one golf round. Clean your shoes more intensively once you reach home, and remove water as soon as possible.

Remove debris like grass and dirt from you waterproof shoes’ outsoles. Rub them vigorously afterwards with a brush having stiff bristles. Give more attention to the cleats that gather dirt.

Use a rag to clean the shoes’ outer surface with a shoe cleaner. Use a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. Rub the shoe cleaner into the surface.

An important tip is to insert shoe trees into your shoes if you’re not wearing them. Also, if your shoes’ insoles become wet, use a newspaper and stuff them to absorb the moisture.

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