Best Womens Golf Shoes

A great pair of golf shoes allows women golfers to play in comfort and style. So what exactly should the best women’s golf shoes have?

Women’s golf shoes should be light, comfortable, and provide first-rate balance to the wearer. They should offer a firm grip on the green, but still stylish enough to bring out the personality of their owner.

Womens Golf Shoes Reviews

Adidas Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

The Adidas Adizero Sport II Golf Shoe for women is made from fabric and synthetic materials. The mesh upper is lightweight and features climaproof protection. The external sprintweb provides stability and the spikeless, abrasion-resistant outsole enhances grip and flexibility.

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Nike Women’s Lunar Duet Sport Golf Shoe

Nike’s Lunar Duet Sport shoe is made from protected canvas material. It is ergonomically designed to support natural movement and flexibility, and built with golf-specific lug patterns to optimize traction and lateral support. The heel of the shoe measures around 1” and the sock liner is designed to provide close-to-foot cushioning.

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Callaway Women’s Solaire Golf Shoe

The Callaway Solaire Golf Shoe has a sleek feminine design and lightweight, breathable upper mesh for optimal comfort. The Engineered Traction System enhances swing performance and the rubber traction spikes improve grip and stability. The shoe has comfort inserts for enhanced cushioning.

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Skechers Performance Lynx Golf Shoe

The Skechers Lynx Golf Shoe is made with leather, synthetic, and mesh upper materials. The design is water-resistant and uses V-stride technology to support natural walking gait. The antimicrobial sock liner helps prevent odor and slippage, and the turf-cleated outsole aids in stability.

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Crocs Women 15371 Brayden II Golf Shoe

The 15371 Brayden II Women’s Golf Shoe by Crocs has water-resistant uppers and multi-traction, spikeless outsoles for maximum grip and performance. The shoe has a secure fit to improve stability and support. The Croslite midsole and footbed ensure all-day comfort and lightweight feel.

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Ashworth Cardiff ADC Golf Shoe

The Ashworth Cardiff ADC Golf Shoe is made from leather material and comes with two sets of laces. The EVA midsole has full-length cushioning for all-day comfort. The spikeless outsole improves grip and flexibility, and the larger forefoot increases comfort while on the course.

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ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe

This Hybrid Golf Shoe by ECCO uses BIOM technology to provide ideal foot support and promote natural foot positioning. The shoe has a plush tongue for extra comfort and TPU outsole for maximum traction. It is durable and suitable for use in any weather condition.

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New Balance Minimus Sport Golf Shoe

The Minimus Sport Women’s Golf Shoe by New Balance has a natural fit and feel. It is built with revlite midsole for comfort and cushioning, and spikeless rubber outsole for ideal traction. The breathable mesh has a no-sew synthetic overlay for extra comfort and enhanced look.

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FootJoy emPower Golf Shoe

FootJoy’s emPower Women’s Golf Shoe is 100% waterproof. The upper mesh provides lightweight comfort and the outsole pods help prevent slippage. The shoe has a generous forefoot, narrow heel, and soft underfoot for ultimate comfort on the course.

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Golfstream Marina Golf Shoe

Golfstream’s Marina Golf Shoe has a hybrid outsole that makes it suitable to wear on and off the course. It has a boat shoe design with about 1-inch heel. It features soft leather uppers, 36-degree leather laces, and rubber-molded outsoles.

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How To Select The Best Women’s Golf Shoes

The best women’s golf shoes offer you stability as you take a golf swing. They also provide comfort when walking around the golf course. Some factors to consider when buying golf shoes include:

Golf Shoe Material – The material can help determine how the shoe matches the terrain. Light polyester shoes can let you easily walk all over the course.

The thicker leather is weather-resistant and looks classy. Although heavier, it’s still breathable, making it popular for those who play in all types of weather conditions and seasons.

Spikes – There are metal spikes and plastic spikes. The longer, although more expensive, metal spikes offer more stability. Plastic spikes adapt more to hard surfaces, like dry parched grass. The less-destructive plastic spikes are better used in golf clubs.

Sizes – Consider your foot size before buying. Too-big golf shoes can damage the green, as they move with your swing. Overly-big shoes can also affect your golf game.

Contours – Women’s shoes are narrower and sleeker, and can be worn on smaller feet. A shoe’s contours are more of a design issue. However, comfort may be affected.

Types Of Women’s Golf Shoes

While both women’s and men’s shoes have the same features, what sets women’s shoes apart are the range of colors and designs. Women can choose between spiked and spikeless shoes. Some types include:

Standard Golf Shoe – The conventional women’s golf shoes tend to look classic. They also provide traction and stability through spikes that sit on the shoe’s bottom.

Conventional shoes come in polyester or leather, and the material determines the shoes’ waterproof capability. Some women use lighter shoes, while others seek stability with thicker-soled shoes.

Golf Sandals – Many women prefer to wear golf sandals, but these are not ideal for playing during the winter as they can’t provide utmost comfort and stability. Breathable golf sandals can keep your feet cool while playing during summers.

Golf Boot – Such boots have flat soles and high-topped heels that offer lightweight stability. They are favored for spring and winter use where golf courses can be wetter than in summer.

Athletic Golf Shoe – Athletic shoes have the needed sporting characteristics of the conventional golf shoe, like strong heels and spikes. However, they look more similar to trainers or athletic shoes.

Advantages Of Having Women’s Golf Shoes

The best women’s golf shoes offer several benefits. They are especially designed to give women a whole range of motion while swinging a golf club. If you slide or slip while swinging, you may not make good shots.

Waterproof – Like any other traditional golf shoe, women’s shoes are waterproof. Even in rainy weather, you can enjoy your game as you know your feet are dry inside.

Balance – The right shoe is balanced, especially if it has a larger shoe base than other shoes. Having a good grip on the ground can allow a good swing. Tennis shoes or running shoes don’t have a broad base.

Flexibility – The best shoes’ suppleness allows women to swing on hilly, irregular ground. On the other hand, athletic shoes are made to hold in place a user’s ankle and foot. Golf entails elastic footwear.

Stability – Most women’s golf shoes have in-built stabilizers along the arches’ sides to help keep the feet from sliding left and right or shifting. The midfoot support is vital when driving or swinging the ball.

Comfort – The right golf shoes must be comfortable enough to cover walking between 4-6 miles and playing. They also let your feet breathe. Choose shoes having inside soles padded for maximum comfort.

How To Maintain Your Women’s Golf Shoes

Keeping your golf shoes in tip-top shape will go the extra mile in helping you enjoy your golf game. Clean them after each round and change spikes twice in a season.

Use a wet rag to wipe your shoes at the end of each golf round. Make sure to remove shoe creases and surface dirt. After wet-wiping, use a dry rag to avoid storing wet shoes.

Wax or polish your shoes at least once a month to keep them looking new. The wax or polish can help your shoes maintain their structure and form and let them last longer.

Check the spikes periodically. For plastic spikes, check if they still give sufficient grip strength and support for your shots from the bunker, tee, or fairway.

Replace the spikes every 2 months, even more so if you always play in rough grounds. The plastic grips easily wear down. When replaced, you will notice the security in your stance when you swing the ball.

Shoe trees are essential. Put them in your women’s shoes if you won’t use them for at least 2 weeks. Shoe trees can help your shoes to maintain comfort and retain form.

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