How To Organize A Golf Bag

Learning how to organize a golf bag is one of the things golfers most often overlook.

This is an important skill because it helps you be more focused on the game instead of worrying about where to find the club to use at each hole.

Pro Tip #1

Good organizing skills start with selecting a sturdy golf bag. This way, you will not have to worry about your irons and hybrids getting unnecessarily damaged.

The Steps

First, you need to conduct inventory of all your equipment – putters, irons, hybrids, tees, etc.

This is also a good opportunity for you to weed out any damaged irons or putters and have them replaced or repaired.

A defective piece of equipment will not be useful for you in the playing field and will just burden you with the additional weight.

Also inspect your golf bag and get to know the different sections in it.

This will be useful later when it is time for the actual organizing of contents.

The highest section of your golf bag should be allotted for your putters, drivers, and woods. This section is intended for items that you will use more frequently at every hole.

The next step is to place your heaviest longirons or clubs towards the back of the bag or in the section nearest the bag straps.

This is done to ensure that you and your bag’s center of gravity is closest toyour midline when you are carrying the bag.

Pro Tip #2

Carrying heavy objects closer to your midline – or your body’s center of gravity – ensures that the object is easier to lift and you do not topple over when carrying it.

Back To The Steps

Place your mid and long irons in the middle sections of your golf bag. It is ideal to place your 3-, 4-, and 5- irons on the left portion of the middle sections to help distribute the weight.

Then on the right side of the middle chamber, place your 6-, 7- , and 8-irons.

The bottom section or the section of your golf bag farthest from the straps should be allotted to lighter equipment like your short irons.

Just like how the long irons were previously arranged, organize your short irons according to height – from left to right.

Wedges are also ideally placed in the bottom section as they are relatively lighter than long irons.

You can generally group short irons together with wedges – either a lob, pitching, or sand wedge.

Hybrid Irons

The rule when organizing hybrid irons is to place them in the section where you would normal place its counterpart long or short iron.

This means that if you have a hybrid six iron, you will have to place it in the left side of the middle section of your golf bag just like how you would arrange a typical six iron club.

Also remember to place protective head coverings on hybrid irons since they are more prone to damage.

Aside from the large compartments for irons, wedges, and putters, golf bags can also have side sections where you can put water and food.

Make use of this option if you wish to practice more and intend to stay longer out on the green.

An organized golf bag is not only about having easy access to your oft used equipment, it also means enjoying your golfing experience more since you are also packing your ownfood.


This guide aims to let you in on a few actionable steps for decluttering your golf bag.Do you have any personal tip that you canrecommend when learning how to organizea golf bag?

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