How To Ship Golf Clubs

In our hyper-connected world, learning how to ship golf clubs directly to your destination golf course is easier and faster.But how do you exactly do that?This guide will provide you with the information you need for a hassle-free golfing trip.

Step One

Prepare your golf bag and irons. You first need to pack your own golf clubs inside your golf bag and make sure that all equipment you will need is inside it.

This is also a surefire way of ensuring that you know what is being packed and what is not.

If you are having a lot of equipment shipped, you can purchase a bigger box to encase your own golf bag.

In most cases, shipping companies can also provide the packing boxes for you.

You do not need to worry for your golf club’s safety since they will be enclosed in another carton and wrapped with more bubble wrap to ensure that they are not damaged during the trip.

If you are unsure of how to properly pack your golf clubs, you can just take them directly to the shipping store and the personnel will assist you.

Step Two

Once your golf bags are packed, it is time to choose a shipping or luggage forwarding company.

There are numerous shipping companies available today. So choose a company that has established operations in your destination state or country.

Also look for luggage forwarding companies that have lower rates and an excellent customer service guarantee.

If you are determined on finding the best company that can ship golf clubs, you can read customer reviews on the brand’s website or on consumer forums.

You can also consult your golfer friends if they utilize the services of a luggage forwarding company for transporting their golf clubs. If they do, they will surely have a recommendation or two.

Step Three

After selecting a shipping company and paying for the shipping fees, all you have to do is wait for your scheduled trip and then meet your golf clubs at your destination.

When shipping through forwarding companies, the equipment will likely be sent ahead of your actual fly date.

This is done because golfing equipment may require additional airport customs clearances that can cause unnecessary delays.

Shipping companies can also calculate the estimated number of days it will take for a package to arrive based on its weight, contents, and destination.This is why it is necessary to allot additional lead time for any delay in the shipment.  However, barring any shipment delay, you will probably get your golf bags when you arrive at your hotel room or golf course.

Additional Tips

You can also have only single golf clubs shipped to your destination ahead. It is not necessary to have a whole golf bag of clubs shipped.

Single golf club shipments are, of course, less expensive since they weigh less.

When having golf clubs shipped cross-country, it is better to have your golf bag shipped way earlier.

Just like in regular freight and parcel shipments, you can also choose how your golf clubs will be shipped – either through regular or expedited shipping.

No matter how reliable a shipping company is, always have a backup plan for the worst case scenario and end up losing your golf bag shipment.


Knowing how to ship golf clubs will definitely save you time and money. It will also save you from the stress of losing luggage and hauling them around to your destination golf club. If it is the first time you’ve heard about shipping golf club, start this habit now!

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